Cousins Book Club

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Cast your vote!

If you're here, at least one someone thought it would be great to get your input on literature, so welcome!!

Why "cousins" you may ask . . . well, two cousins were talking about their neighborhood book clubs, and talking about Lorna Landvik books . . . they live in different states, and decided that taking it online would allow additional cousins/friends/relatives to join in & share their insights . . . so here we are!!!

Since Lorna Landvik was in the original conversation, we're starting with that author. Please cast your vote on which book -

Patty Jane's House of Curl
Welcome To The Great Mysterious
Oh My Stars

I checked my local libraries & all of these are available in both of the two closest counties. Hopefully, this can be a cheap adventure if you want it to be. The selection will be posted around May 1st, and the first postings around mid-May.

How does a book a month sound for speed/volume?
How about a weekly check-in with a specified number of chapters to comment on (based on a month for the whole book, of course)?

I'm so excited to get started & hearing from y'all!